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Перевозки 24 - услуги грузчиков

Moscow moving company 8(903)796-77-26


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24/7работаем в 2 раза быстрее и лучше

Авто 1-20 тоннперевозка оборудования машинами с гидролифтом

ГРУЗЧИКИОпыт работы всех наших сотрудников от 2 до 15 лет

PEREVOZKI24.RUГарантируем качество выполненных работ

Moscow moving company: office crossing , professional loaders, transportation of the piano, lifting work, cargo transportations, rent of a truck crane, transportation of apartments, passenger transportations, transportation of the safe, transportation of cargoes, transportation of a grand pianos ,piano movers

Moving company "Perevozki 24" happy to help you implement apartment, cottage or office relocation.
Ideally, organize and conduct of offices and apartments helps our a high degree of professionalism and extensive practical experience.
Our company specializes in the removal and transport to Moscow and the region. Office relocation, relocation apartment, cottage relocation. Disassembly , packing and shipping furniture. Rope work : displacement of safes. . Fur handling and wagons. Transport piano, piano. Services construction equipment, removal of debris, expectorant

Rental Truck Loading & Unloading Services Residential / Office / Apt Professional Uniformed Movers

office relocation, relocation apartment, cottage relocation
Disassembly of furniture , packing and shipping furniture,packing of personal things,packing of office equipment .
Takelazhnye work :
movement machinery, equipment, ATMs, simulator ow, safes.
Transportation piano, royal.
services construction equipment, removal of debris, expectorant .


movement piano safe transportation

Piano Company will move your piano using only experienced piano movers and time-honored methods and equipment . Rest assured, your piano is safe with us, and we are fully insured. We move pianos locally and regionally using our own truck and our own professional moving staff. . The base price of moving an upright or vertical piano (spinet, console, or studio). We charge $6.00 for each flight of 4 or more steps, and $7.00 to "ramp" a piano across grass, gravel, or other non-paved terrain.

Operational transportation piano safe transportation If necessary, you can create services of calculation of the costs . So desirable, if you will move more than 10 office jobs or large apartment relocation, as well as route planning requires rope work (safe transportation (over 400 kg), concert royal,мachine equipment . We offer several options of Move.If speed is important to you office or apartment moving better order services at least four loaders. If your timing is not very important, the services of two strong movers save you from headaches, called the move " a few more times, but for smaller money.For a move that did not affect the other. The only thing that should be considered is the need for quality and packaging ,disassembly of furniture . This work must be performed only professional truck. Meantime move :
-1-room apartment-3-6 hours stevedoring services
- two-room apartment-5-8 hours stevedoring services
- three-room apartment-6-12 hours stevedoring services
Transportation package :
boxes, scotch, and the bubble "dtex" film

Residential Moves

Whether you’re moving across the street or anywhere in Moscow,
let we show you the way to a "stress-free" move.
You can depend on quality service that’s unsurpassed in the moving industry. Call us today for an exact price quote!

Business Moves

Relocating an office with as little disruption as possible requires special planning and meticulous attention to detail.
We are have the resources and experience to move your facilities with minimum disruption and cost.
Our business is to make sure that your business gets picked up, transported and back to work as fast as possible.

We are ultimately responsible for the preservation of your assets.

Перевозки 24 - услуги грузчиков


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